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Find your next hire at Open Hiring Week!

Start 2023 by getting in front of the right candidates faster. Skip the resume and meet the person.

Join us from Jan 16 – 20, 2023 to try speed interviewing for free.

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How the open hiring week works

1. Submit job

Submit your open position and minimum requirements.

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2. Schedule

Specify times during the week to speed interview.

3. Invite

Share your interview link by email and on social media.

4. Interview

Conduct 5 minute interviews with a line of qualified candidates.

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Frequently asked questions

This hiring initiative spans every region and timezone across the globe. You will pick the day, time, and timezone for your interviews. It’s all about what works for you!

There is no cost to participate.

This is an opportunity for you to do things a little differently. Open up your calendar and  your mind to meet great talent in a new and innovative way.

When you submit your job, you specify the minimum requirements to interview. Only candidates who meet your criteria will be able to interview. In the worst case, it’s a 5 minute speed interview and it won’t be long before you’re meeting the next candidate.

The platform is designed to support high volume hiring for positions where personality and fit are more important than skills and experience. That being said, you can use it for any position where you’ve got a large number of applicants and need a way to know who is most interested and qualified.