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Everything you need to hire with speed.

Applicant pre-screening

Automatically pre-screen applicants to make sure you’re only meeting with qualified candidates. Questionnaires save you time by asking candidates if they understand and meet key job requirements.

Intelligent interview scheduling

Hellohire’s AI-powered scheduler automatically sets up back to back interviews and intelligently minimizes schedule gaps and no shows. One interviewer or many, Hellohire handles all the scheduling for you.

Live video interviews

Seamlessly conduct live video interviews with a single click – no 3rd party apps or downloads required. Interviews can be recorded and stored with the complete candidate profile (sample).

AI-powered interview insights

Unleash the power of AI to summarize the interview and extract insights about the candidate’s key strengths and areas of improvement (sample).

Candidate engagement analytics

Hellohire provides insight into a part of the hiring process that has never been easy to track and measure. It shares stats on every step of the candidate engagement funnel as well as recruiter efficiency and effectiveness.

And many more to recruit faster

Welcome Video

To save you time in every interview, add a short welcome video that candidates watch right before their interview. Share details about the company, job, and any other information you would spend time explaining to each candidate.

Waiting Room Videos

A candidate waiting for an interview is another opportunity to share even more details about the job, benefits, and company. Share a playlist of videos for them to watch while you have their attention.

Dynamic multi-interviewer round robin

Create the ideal candidate profile for your high volume hiring needs. You set what information the candidates can provide about themselves which you can easily review so you know who you're speaking with.

Candidate Chat Queue

Efficiently connect candidates with your team for real time video, audio, and text chat conversations.

Branded Experience

The entire candidate experience from scheduling to the interview is branded for your organization.

Interview Reminders

Increase your show rate by automating email and SMS reminders.


Support for English, French and Spanish end users

Interview Scorecard

During the interview, you can rate the candidate on criteria that are important to you and also take notes.Most importantly, you determine if this candidate is a good fit. Select no, maybe, or yes.

Virtual Waiting Room

After watching the welcome video, candidates enter a virtual waiting room and join the queue. They see their position in the queue and how many interviewers are online from your team

Automatic Interview Recording

Automatically obtain a double opt-in for recording the interview and store it with the candidate’s profile to review later and share with members of the hiring team.

Conversation Timer

Talent acquisition and hiring made efficient. Keep the conversations moving so your team can meet more candidates. Set a conversation timer to count up from zero or down from a pre-set time so you can easily manage how long you spend in each conversation.

Data Export

Hellohire makes your data accessible and understable. View reporting on registrations, attendance, conversations in the virtual hiring event platform or download it at any time to use it in your other tools.

Automated Workflows

Instantly move your top applicants to the next step of your process by automating your workflow. Also customize your follow up messaging and timing based on whether the candidate is disqualified, doesn’t show up, or is rejected.

Shareable Interview Report

Everything you need about the candidate available to you in an easy to share link that hides contact information and other sensitive data when sharing outside the organization.

World Class Support

Hellohire offers world class support. Our team is available by email, chat, phone, and video call. We're your partner from start to finish!

Hellohire eliminates recruiting headaches

No more wasted time on phone screens, scheduling, and no shows so you can focus on what matters: the people.

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