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Everything you need to hire with speed.

Powerful and robust features.

Attract more candidates and fill your talent pipeline.

Promote your hiring event by email, social media, and all across the web

Beautiful and branded landing pages designed to convert

Simple registration with customizable pre-screening questions

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Share why your company is awesome and meet candidates face-to-face

Present live or with a pre-recorded video

Meet candidates over live video one-to-one or in a group

Include HR, hiring managers, and employees to give a 360 degree view of the company

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - Recruit the best candidates, faster than ever

Quickly assess communication, enthusiasm, fit, and personality

Rate the candidate's skills right inside the video call

Easily advance candidates to the next stage

Virtual hiring event interview questions and candidate rating

Features to make your hiring journey a breeze.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Hellohire gives candidates the ability to connect from mobile devices so they can join from anywhere. Candidates can use their Apple or Android phones to connect with you without needing to download any apps.

Self-Serve Platform

Hellohire puts the power in your hands with the self-serve platform available in your browsers. Create and manage events with ease and get the most out of our interview software. Plus your talent acquisition and recruitment needs.

World Class Support

Hellohire's virtual event platform offers world class support. Our team is available by email, chat, phone, and more. Want our guidance on how to set up your event? We're happy to get on a screen-sharing video call to help. We're your partner from start to finish!

Candidate Profile

Create the ideal candidate profile for your high volume hiring needs. You set what information the candidates can provide about themselves which you can easily review so you know who you're speaking with.

Candidate Chat Queue

Efficiently connect candidates with your team for real time video, audio, and text chat conversations.

Speed Interviews

Conduct speed interviews right on the spot. Speak with candidates one-to-one over video with structured and open interview questions and notes so you can identify the best candidates for your team.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Signup is easy with social logins. Hellohire gives candidates the choice to register with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or with their email.

Conversation Timer

Talent acquisition and hiring made efficient. Keep the conversations moving so your team can meet more candidates. Set a conversation timer to count up from zero or down from a pre-set time so you can easily manage how long you spend in each conversation.

Data, Reporting, and Analytics

Hellohire makes your data accessible and understable. View reporting on registrations, attendance, conversations in the virtual hiring event platform or download it at any time to use it in your other tools.

Want to attract and hire the best candidates?

Host virtual hiring events, speed interviews to meet more candidates face-to-face over live video.

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