Hellohire cuts time-to-hire by 50%+, guaranteed.

Scheduling, interviewing, recording information, and moving candidates through the funnel is massively time-consuming. Hellohire handles the administrative tasks so you can focus on meeting great candidates.

Only meet qualified candidates

Applicants complete pre-screening before they can meet you to ensure they have the qualifications for the role, which dramatically reduces time spent reviewing resumes and conducting pre-screening calls.

Candidates schedule themselves

Once candidates pass pre-screening they can schedule themselves and modify or cancel appointments if necessary, eliminating all the time recruiters spend leaving voicemails and waiting for replies.

No shows, no more

Hellohire’s intelligent scheduler ensures that no shows are a thing of the past, maximizing your time to focus on candidates who are truly interested.

Share the power of AI

After meeting a candidate, the system creates a candidate profile that includes a video recording and AI-powered summary, allowing you to quickly share feedback with colleagues and clients.

Customers love Hellohire!

A wonderful platform, user friendly and superior support team – overall a great solution to have as part of your recruitment toolkit! We have been using the platform since November 2021 for...

Michelle Reyes, Loblaws

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Hellohire makes hiring super easy. I would highly recommend the platform to any retailer looking to interview multiple candidates in a short period of time...

Matthew Watling, Pandora

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Fantastic platform, user friendly and great customer service team! We have had all positive feedback from both our Recruitment team as well as candidates from using Hellohire...

Khatera Ghafoori, Zedd Solutions

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New Circles has been using Hellohire for the past two years and we could not be happier as a team with the services this platform has provided. Simplicity, efficiency and the latest technologies combined make it an indispensable tool for any hiring event...

Julia Holton, New Circles

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We have used Hellohire on many occasions and would highly recommend their solution and team. Candidates and hiring managers love the platform and the Customer Success team is extremely helpful...

Kim Benedict, TalentMinded

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Learn how Altis Recruitment tripled their interview rate by using Hellohire’s automation and AI feature to eliminate administrative overhead.

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Hellohire eliminates recruiting headaches

No more wasted time on phone screens, scheduling, and no shows so you can focus on what matters: the people.