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How Skechers Crushed Their Hiring Targets in 2023

Watch this webinar where we dive into:

  • Achieving unparalleled recruitment success in year with massive growth

  • Transforming traditional hiring processes with AI

  • Practical insights to optimize recruitment practices

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About our speakers

Christina Lara

Talent Acquisition Manager at Skechers

Christina is a talent acquisition leader with over 18 years of experience. She manages recruitment for Skechers across the United states and Canada.

Nikkie Monroe

Regional Recruiter at Skechers

Nikkie supports and manages recruiting efforts for Skechers covering 5 Districts and 62 locations in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Ravin Shah

CEO at Hellohire

Ravin is the founder of Hellohire, an AI-powered recruiting platform that lets you hire the best people with significantly less time, effort, and cost.

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