How many hours of recruiting time do you save with Hellohire?

Recruiting can be an incredibly time-consuming process, but Hellohire is here to save employers significant hours every day. So, how many hours exactly does Hellohire save? Let’s break it down.

Time Savings Calculation

We’ve calculated the time savings based on the tasks an experienced, focused, and diligent recruiter would typically perform. These tasks are manual, repetitive, and often time-consuming:

  • Review an application/resume: 1 minute
  • Attempt to connect with an applicant multiple times (via email, text, and phone): 3 minutes
  • Schedule a time to interview (including rescheduling, cancellations, and reminders): 5 minutes
  • Interview an unqualified candidate: 15 minutes

Example Scenario: 100 Applicants

Let’s apply this to a scenario where you have 100 applicants. Based on a typical recruiting funnel, you would schedule 50 interviews, and find that 25 are unqualified while the other 25 could be a good match with hiring potential. Here’s how the time savings break down with Hellohire:

  • Reviewing 100 applicants:
    • Time Saved: 100 applicants * 1 minute = 100 minutes
  • Attempting to connect with 100 applicants multiple times:
    • Time Saved: 100 applicants * 3 minutes = 300 minutes
  • Scheduling an interview with 50 candidates:
    • Time Saved: 50 candidates * 5 minutes = 250 minutes
  • Interviewing 25 unqualified candidates:
    • Time Saved: 25 candidates * 15 minutes = 375 minutes

Total Time Saved

By using Hellohire, the total time saved for 100 applicants is:

  • Reviewing applications: 100 minutes
  • Connecting with applicants: 300 minutes
  • Scheduling interviews: 250 minutes
  • Interviewing unqualified candidates: 375 minutes

Total Time Saved: 1025 minutes (~17 hours)

Beyond Time Savings

The best part? In addition to saving you a significant amount of time, Hellohire also accelerates your hiring process, allowing you to find the right candidates faster and more efficiently.

Based on this example, Hellohire not only frees up 15 hours of your recruiting time for every 100 applicants but also enhances the overall efficiency of your hiring process. Time saved is just the beginning – the true benefit lies in how much more productive and effective your recruitment can be.