How to set up an Indeed auto reply email and message

We use Indeed to advertise our jobs and wanted to set up an Indeed auto reply email and message. We looked everywhere for this feature but it was nowhere to be found! The best you can do is send a mass message to your candidates – but it’s manual and you can only do 20 at a time.

When someone applies for your job, there are many reasons why you’d want to send an automatic reply. You might want to thank them, ask them a question, or even invite them to a virtual interview. Most Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software have auto reply capabilities built in.

I had given up until one of our customers told me how to set up an indeed auto reply email and message – it was too good of a solution not to share.

It’s super easy to set up using Gmail. I’m not sure about other email providers.

Step 1) Set up your job on Indeed so that it sends you an email every time someone applies. This email will be unique to each applicant and look something like

Step 2) In Gmail, set up a filter that looks for emails from and the text “applied for <your job’s name>”. When this criteria is met, reply with a template email that says whatever you want to say. NOTE: You need to enable Templates in Gmail’s advanced settings for this to work.

Here’s an example of the filter:


Here’s an example of how to send the auto reply email:


3) Now sit back as each applicant instantly gets an Indeed auto reply and message – thanks to Gmail.

Hope this helps and if you want to automatically schedule short back-to-back virtual interviews with your top applicants – sign up for a free trial of Hellohire!