Why Hiring Managers Should Apply to Their Company’s Jobs

This is a job posting by a company.

High volume hiring  can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a large number of job applicants. What’s worse is when a high volume job posting is met with a low volume of applicants. How might you as a hiring manager tackle this situation? The answer is simple. Apply to your company’s jobs.

Assess the Quality of Job Postings

The first reason why you might want to apply to their own company is for quality control. Do your job postings meet all of the requirements needed to attract the candidates they want? Do they have the proper screening questions? Do they list the right qualifications? 

Check for things like spelling and grammar errors, broken links, and misinformation in your job posting. While these seem small, they can add up quickly and can drive away attentive applicants. By going through an application firsthand, these errors can be caught before they reach the applicant’s hands.

Gauge the Time to Apply

Another important consideration is how long your application process takes to complete. How long does it take from when a candidate first applies to when they receive a final offer/ rejection? A long application process or employer response time can be a deterrent to applicants.

In fact, 58% of applicants expect to hear back from companies they’ve applied to in one week or less. Therefore, it’s important to find out how long your hiring process takes. If it takes more than a week, it may need some work.

Revise and Streamline the Process

To reduce the length of your hiring process, take the time to revise and streamline it! By going through it, make note of any pain points you encounter. Chances are, these areas frustrate and confuse your applicants too.

Does the application ask applicants to list information that they just submitted through their resume? Does the application take you from web page to web page? Details like these may seem unimportant, but remember that candidates greatly value their time. Respect that by addressing or removing any redundancies and obstacles encountered.

Applying to your own company’s jobs can be a valuable tool in improving your high volume hiring. By doing so, you can improve the quality of your job postings and help you streamline your hiring process! Read more of our tips to take your hiring process to the next level!