The Top Reasons Why You Have Low Applicant Volume

Dealing with low applicant volume on your job posting can be frustrating. It can extend the time to hire and reduce the chances of finding the right candidate. When there are plenty of qualified candidates out there, what can be the reasons for low volumes of applications?

Your Company has a Negative Employer Brand

Negative employer branding can significantly reduce the number of applicants. One of the biggest reasons that qualified candidates may not apply for a job is a negative employer brand. Just like a company’s brand can affect how customers view it, a company’s employer brand can affect how job seekers view it. 

If a company has a reputation for treating its employees poorly or not upholding important values such as diversity or work-life balance, it will deter qualified candidates from applying. Ensure your company is well-rated on websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. If not, consider reviewing the feedback and reviews found on these sites.

Your Job Posting is… Poor

A poorly written job posting can be a significant factor in low applicant volume. A job posting should include all of the pertinent information about the position. It should outline the job qualification, expectations, and even benefits, all of which help inform candidates. However, the posting should not overwhelm the candidate with information. 

Just like how applicants tailor their applications to certain companies, companies should consider tailoring their postings to their desired candidates. Try not to copy paste information from previous postings. This can potentially mislead and drive away candidates. Instead, use persuasive language that promotes the unique selling points and exciting opportunities of the company.

A Long and Complicated Application Process

A time-consuming, confusing application process with multiple forms or essay questions can discourage job seekers from applying – especially high quality candidates. It is important to keep the application process simple and straightforward. 

Make the application process mobile-friendly, optimize it for relevant job boards, and encourage job seekers to submit their applications with just a few clicks. Not only will you have a higher volume of applications but you stand a better chance of attracting the star candidates that you seek.

Low applicant volume can be detrimental, especially when filling high volume positions. By improving employer brand, refining job postings, and streamlining the application process, companies can overcome these challenges to find the successful candidates they need. If you struggle with low applicant volume, Hellohire is the solution for you. Book a demo today!