Three strategies to improve high-volume hiring in 2023

As we continue to move forward into 2023, it has become clear that the high-volume hiring landscape has seen significant change. Companies still need to hire employees at a fast pace, however, there is now more to hiring than just filling seats. Below is a list of ways you can improve your hiring process to hire faster and better!

1. Focus on Finding the Right Fit

One of the biggest hiring changes in recent years is a shift away from the traditional approach of high-volume hiring. While companies are still hiring at a fast pace, they are also placing a greater emphasis on hiring the right candidate for the job. This shift is driven by a recognition that the cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be just as detrimental as hiring no candidate at all!

According to a survey of company executives, bad hires can create increased financial costs. They can also negatively impact company morale and productivity. This goes to show that hiring the right candidate does more than just fill an empty seat; It also saves time and money down the road due to them simply being the best fit for the role.

2. Get to Know Candidates Beyond Their Resume

When it comes to hiring the best candidate, resumes are no longer the sole determining factor. Resumes can be a very useful tool to learn more about a potential candidate. Nevertheless, they only show you a part of who the candidate really is. In industries such as call centers and customer service, where factors such as communication skills and personality are essential, this resume-based approach might not be the best.

While resumes can certainly speak for a candidate, they definitely can’t speak like a candidate can. Instead, companies should put the candidates before the resume. Therefore, every candidate has a chance to pitch themselves to a company. By offering more candidates a chance at an interview, companies can get a more complete picture of a candidate to determine if they are the best fit for a role. 

3. Conduct Screening Calls & First-Round Interviews Virtually

Speaking of interviews, there has also been a recent surge of remote work and with it, a worldwide shift towards online tools. Due largely in part to the pandemic, this shift has seen online interviews become more important than ever. With online interviews, companies are still able to meet their candidates face-to-face while also offering further benefits.

Without geographical constraints, companies gain access to a global pool of talent. Furthermore, online interviews save on time and money by removing the need for office space and commuting. It’s time to see online interviews for what they are: a valuable tool in the new normal. Online interviews are now a crucial part of the hiring process, and companies that embrace it will be well-positioned for success.

It is clear that the way companies approach hiring has changed significantly since the pandemic. Companies want to hire better candidates, get to know their candidates better, and use more online tools to do so. If you want a new, efficient, and fully online tool to help you hire better, check out Hellohire!