How to Attract the “Amazon Prime” Candidates

graphic of magnet attracting lots of smiley faces

The labour market has been seeing huge changes over the past few years. With the ongoing labour shortage, the labour market today is very candidate-centred. Catering your application process to suit the candidates is the best way to help you attract more applicants, keeping you competitive.

The “Amazon Prime” Candidate

First off, what do candidates want in from their application journey? Candidates are used to having “Amazon prime” timelines for everything. Whether it’s ordering a package or finding a job, they want things done fast. They want the process to move quickly and to not be left waiting for too long. If you can adapt your current hiring process to fit this idea, you will be attracting lots of talent in no time! Here is how you can do that.

Make the Application Process Quick and Easy

There’s a high chance that your application is keeping people from applying. Candidates don’t want to spend hours on filling out a single job application. You can turn away so many potential candidates with your lengthy application process. Cut out all those unnecessary steps you may have. For example, you don’t need a candidate to both submit their resume and fill out a form containing the exact same information found on their resume. The shorter and simpler the application process is, the more appealing it is for candidates to apply to.

Using a good hiring platform, such as Hellohire, can eliminate the need for having all these steps in your application process. Investing in a platform such as this is an easy way to cut down your application process.

Always Follow Up and Do it Fast

You don’t want to get ghosted by your candidates and your candidates don’t want to get ghosted by you. Be sure to follow up on your candidates, even if they’re being rejected. Also ensure that you are following up in a short amount of time. One of the biggest causes to candidate drop off is a long wait time to hear back for an interview. All the time you spend not reaching out to your candidates is a chance for candidates to commit to a different employer. Don’t risk losing more potential talent over something that takes no time for you to do.

Change Up Your Screening Method

For most companies, their initial screening consists of scanning resumes. This can take a long time, thus lengthening the hiring process. There are so many technologies available today that can help keep your hiring process moving. Consider using a virtual hiring platform like Hellohire. These kind of platforms enable users to streamline its hiring. This makes the overall application journey for the candidate shorter, appealing to the idea of an “Amazon prime” level of speed.

Improve your hiring process and create a positive candidate experience by using Hellohire’s virtual hiring platform. The platform can offer you everything you need to ease the process for both you and all your candidates. Learn more about how Hellohire can help you attract more candidates by booking a free demo.