Lakeland College Virtual Job Fair

Every school cares about the success of its student body and graduates. Lakeland College is no exception. Job fairs are key events in the school calendar. They allow Lakeland to act as a host to the community, and help students and employers get to know each other.

Selecting a virtual job fair platform

With the goal of hosting their first virtual job fair, Lakeland College explored a number of options. They picked Hellohire as the platform to host the Lakeland College Virtual Job Fair on March 11th, 2021.

As Lakeland’s first-ever virtual job fair, they were looking for a platform that would be intuitive to use. They also wanted a supportive team to help them and their employer partners put on a successful event. They found that partner in Hellohire. Raelean Hickson, Manager, Community Development, commented on Hellohire’s eagerness to help throughout the entire process.

“The Hellohire team presented excellent customer service right from the very beginning. I don’t think there’s been a day that went by in the weeks leading up to the event without communication. We’ve been provided with fantastic customer service throughout this process.”


Raelean also expressed appreciation for Hellohire’s ability to support sponsorship opportunities.

“Sponsorship is important to creating a successful event. It makes the event possible, and also creates a sense of ownership for pillars of our local business community. Hellohire worked with us to create fantastic sponsorship opportunities by highlighting event sponsors in a number of ways like giving their logo priority position on the event page, and enabling them to share the opportunities present at their companies on the stage.”


Job fair outcomes

Lakeland College put on a fantastic event for their students and employers. They were able to attract 47 employers, 12 sponsors, and 150 attendees. Of the 150 attendees, 127 (85%) chose to share their interest in roles with at least one of the employers and most expressed interest in multiple employers. On average, for the 127 attendees who provided their contact information to an employer, the attendee expressed interest in 7 of the employers exhibiting at the job fair (contact information was shared 885 times).

Shantelle Berry, an Event Coordinator at Lakeland College, was happy to share a specific outcome from one of their employers who attended the event.

“The companies that exhibited at the virtual job fair made real connections. One hiring team told us that they added 6 qualified candidates to their ATS (applicant tracking system) from this event alone! We love success stories like this. Of course, we want to give our students the chance to make a great impression and land a job, but we also love hearing that we’re creating value for the community.”


The Hellohire team was thrilled to be able to help Lakeland College put on this hiring event. We’d love to work with you too!

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