Technology start-up making high volume hiring easier amidst labor crunch propelled by new funding

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New funding helps Technology start-up make high volume hiring easier amidst labor crunch

The most pressing obstacle faced by employers today is finding people to fill open roles. The number of job vacancies in the United States reached a staggering 11.26 million by the end of February, 2022 and an all-time high of 912,600 vacancies in Canada by the end of 2021. It is a complex issue driven by a very real labor shortage only made worse by outdated hiring practices, overlooked candidate pools and a shift in expectations in the hiring process.

Hellohire was born from the need for HR and recruiting teams to qualify and screen candidates faster while engaging potential hires, quicker and more efficiently.

Driven by this pressing need and with the goal of making hiring a more efficient and open process, Hellohire has raised initial funding from lead investor Panache Ventures along with Sand Hill North, and other strategic angels from the industry.

“As we begin to exit from COVID restrictions and the ‘great resignation’ that defined this time, the best employers are making clever changes to how they operate. We’re excited to support Hellohire because their solution is efficient, friendly to workers and arriving on the market at the perfect time.” said Scott Loong, Partner, Panache Ventures. The new funding will allow Hellohire to scale its efforts, expand on current product capabilities, and help reach new customers.

Solving staffing challenges

Overburdened HR teams are already scrambling to fill millions of open positions; it can be a challenge to step back and assess whether the current hiring process makes sense. The Hellohire team however has seen incredible reactions and quick returns for companies who have made the change. “This product really is a game changer. When we show an HR Director how quick it is to get started and how much time they can save, they are fully on board. It’s impossible to go back to the old way of doing things.” says Ravin Shah, CEO and Founder of Hellohire.

Technology innovation

The Hellohire platform was designed with speed and immediacy in mind. A streamlined interface ensures that recruiters and interviewers can quickly jump in and focus on screening a high volume of candidates without needing to administer and juggle multiple tasks and technologies at the same time. While the easy to follow process is intuitive and simple for the candidate.

Focusing on growth

The next phase of growth for Hellohire will see expansion of both the product and business growth teams. As a fully remote company, Hellohire is well positioned to attract agile and driven talent with a keen sense and desire for affecting change. Based in Toronto, Canada — North America’s fastest growing tech hub — Hellohire is already surrounded by numerous innovative communities to draw upon.

“The focus for us is to make hiring in volume faster and easier. That means leaving resumes behind. The ultimate goal is to help connect people to jobs in a way that doesn’t discriminate based on work history, education, or any of the other stated prerequisites that can mismatch jobs and candidates. We want you to hire the person, not the resume.” stated Ravin Shah. Bringing this new process to market will require the combined efforts of a strong team. Hellohire is currently recruiting for a number of opportunities to grow the team and bring this valuable change to the market as quickly as possible.

About Hellohire

Hellohire is the world’s first speed interview platform that helps employers screen and hire candidates quickly. We’ve helped hundreds of recruiters interview thousands of candidates and close the loop on filling high-volume positions. Based in Toronto, we embrace a global and remote work culture and are driven by our mission to make hiring quicker, easier and more inclusive.

About Panache Ventures

Panache Ventures is Canada’s most active seed-stage venture capital fund investing across sectors. The $50-million fund has a founders-first philosophy, a commitment to diversity and strategically co-invests with smart angel investors and seed-stage funds.

About Sand Hill North

Sand Hill North is an early-stage venture investment firm focused on supporting companies leveraging software to create solutions in the B2B space that will have a positive impact. They’re a team of founders and business operators who understand early-stage challenges. They partner with visionary entrepreneurs, running businesses with high growth potential, and an unrelenting commitment to ethical standards.