The New Hire Process Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain

Hellohire online interview platform

If you conduct high-volume hiring, or are a small business and need to hire people fast, finding and employing new team members can be painful without using an online interview platform. The in-person interview process is expensive, extremely time-consuming, and don’t even get us started on the logistics of scheduling in-person meetings. Utterly painful. No matter how many positions you’re looking to fill, it’s time to work smarter not harder! 

Hellohire’s virtual interview software is changing the hiring game. Hellohire’s platform allows talent to get hired faster while ensuring that they are the right fit for the organization.

Why Virtual Hiring Is The Future

We are amidst a digital revolution, seeing organizations and industries shift towards an online-based business model. Relying more heavily on an online environment allows organizations to become more efficient. The online interview process eats up less time, allows for immediate feedback, and cuts travel and logistic costs. 

While recruiters have access to hundreds of candidate resumes online, it is actually way faster and more cost-efficient to conduct speed interviews compared to reading and comparing resumes. Screen and get to know potential candidates in a matter of minutes with all the important info directly inside Hellohire’s online interview platform. Hiring a great hotel cleaner might come from meeting them, discussing their experience, and getting to know them aside from their written experience.

Virtual Hiring Is Here To Stay

According to a LinkedIn survey, 81% of professionals agree that virtual recruiting using an online interview platform is here to stay. This is largely thanks to online recruiting being faster and more efficient than in-person. This change was inevitable as the modern employee craves flexibility and more immediate feedback, and this includes during the hiring process. 

Our HR departments, hiring managers, and employees are overwhelmed with the scale and effort required to physically meet up with hundreds of potential hires. But with Hellohire, they can optimize their time and that of the candidate. From the comfort of their home or office, your team can virtually pre-screen, interview, and hire employees faster than ever before. Hiring teams can make notes, chat during interviews, rate candidates’ skills, and recommend recruits to advance to the next steps all in one platform. 

There’s A Better Way To Hire – Online Interview Platform

Hellohire is made specifically to aid businesses in streamlining their online recruiting and interviewing process. Our platform makes interviewing, dare we say, enjoyable? Hellohire is user friendly and streamlines the process with a few key benefits:

Better Screening 

Not everyone is a champion resume writer, so why ask for long-form resumes? They are time-consuming to sift through and can inadvertently disqualify otherwise great candidates. A smart screening tool can do the job of a long-form resume but better by getting to the important qualifying questions and highlighting those who have the skills that you are hiring for. Not only will you save time and effort, but you’ll also be able to consider candidates that may have otherwise been disadvantaged through the traditional resume application process.

Easy Scheduling 

Now that you have your pool of qualified candidates, it can be a hassle to coordinate individual meetings or blocks of time to get to know them. Hellohire manages the interview experience by scheduling chunks of time and keeping you on task. The candidate will be able to easily access your virtual interview with a unique link and the interviewer will be able to have a predictable block of time to interview a large volume of candidates without the need to arrange meeting links, meetings, rooms, or any of the other considerations for meeting with candidates.

Make The Most Of Your Time With Speed Interviews

Candidates have a world of opportunities and it can be competitive for organizations to determine great candidates and bulk hire in a single day. This is why it is crucial for the interview process to be more efficient than ever before. If you do a lot of high-volume hiring you can cut weeks of work into hours. 

Speed interviewing using an online interview platform, for single hires and high-volume hiring, allows employers to connect face-to-face with candidates without the need to juggle meeting links from other meeting platforms. Hellohire’s conversation timer keeps the conversation moving, allowing you to easily manage how long you want to spend on each question and on each interview. With a click of your mouse, you can rank, and determine if the candidate should advance. The process becomes simpler for the interviewer to manage and easier for the candidate because they’ll receive feedback quicker. 

In a matter of minutes, you can screen and qualify your top candidates, moving forward with the hiring process. This significantly reduces the risk of losing your top applicants and makes a smoother hiring process overall.

It’s Time To Improve Your Hiring Process

Hellohire takes the pain out of the interview process for both the employer and the candidate. You no longer have to spend weeks sifting through resumes and waste effort on juggling meetings. With Hellohire your hiring process will be organized, efficient, and effective.
Have questions about Hellohire’s functionality or simply want to learn more? Get in touch with us today! We can get you set up with a demo and free trial. It’s time to bring recruiting and interviewing into the 21st century. Hire people, not resumes!