Speed Up The Screening And Hiring Process: Speed Interviews

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Hiring in bulk can be a daunting task if you’ve never heard of speed interviews. Hundreds of resumes can quickly pile up on your desk with the terrifying reality of screening and scheduling in-person interviews and co-ordinating internal schedules. The reality is, that high-volume hiring, or hiring in general, does not need to be painful! Speed interviews achieve quality hires, allowing you to screen and determine fit in a matter of minutes. With Hellohire’s online interview platform, you can fill open positions in a single afternoon!

It’s Time To Speed Up The Hiring Process

One of the biggest mistakes HR departments and hiring teams make is that they are not taking advantage of the hiring tools available to them. Virtual speed interviewing is the best way to get face-to-face with more candidates in a shorter span of time. This type of interview process is awesome for industries that often go through periods of high-volume hiring. This includes both seasonal staff and full-time hires!

Every online job posting receives an average of 118 applicants. For recruiters, this means reading 118 resumes, conducting pre-interview screening calls, and scheduling a handful of in-person interviews. Finding the right candidates for different roles takes a huge amount of work, money, and manpower.

Speeding up the screening and interview process can save your organization thousands of hours! It is practical too. While speed interviews are quicker than traditional, they are to the point. You get to know a person, their experience, and anything else you want to know in an organized, efficient way. Your team can turn 118 resumes into new hires in a single afternoon. This is extremely beneficial for organizations that bulk-hire event staff, seasonal staff, hotel staff, service staff, and the list goes on and on. 

Stop Losing Candidates

In many industries, there is increasing competition to secure the candidates you want to hire. If your current recruiting, screening, and interviewing process takes a few weeks, you might find candidates dropping off before they even get to their first face-to-face interview.

Hellohire’s online interview platform is designed to improve the hiring processes in both large and small organizations. Hellohire’s speed interviewing functionality allows human resources and hiring managers to meet, screen, and determine interest and fit in minutes. Teams are able to determine their ideal candidates in a single afternoon, eliminating the long waiting period for candidates. 

Virtual Job Fairs 

Hellohire is here to make high-volume hiring and virtual speed interviewing easier and better than ever before. Instead of spending weeks recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates, Hellohire helps you create a more efficient process. 

Our virtual job fair software allows organizations to meet hundreds of candidates, screen, and recommend them to hiring managers in minutes. 

During these virtual job fairs, organizations are able to utilize our speed interview functionality to meet up with hundreds of candidates. During the speed interview, interviewers can highlight and recommend specific candidates to move forward in the hiring process. Ratings and notes will be included in the candidate’s profile keeping all information in one easy to review place.

Automated scheduling and time blocks make it easy to organize and meet candidates quickly and easily. A streamlined process that focuses on the required skills needed for the job and then quickly screening and interviewing removes the long wait times for feedback both for candidates and the employer. 

Better, Faster, Stronger: Recruiting, Screening & Interviewing 

Hellohire brings hiring into the modern age, making it simpler and more enjoyable than ever before. Hiring teams will no longer spend weeks sifting through resumes and potential candidates. With Hellohire, your hiring process will be organized, efficient, and effective.

Have questions about Hellohire’s functionality or simply want to learn more? Get in touch with us today! We will get you set up with a demo and free trial. It’s time to remove the pain from recruiting and interviewing. Hire people, not resumes.