The Future Of Hiring & Virtual Interview Software: Speed Hiring

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Is your company growing faster than you can hire? High-volume hiring is challenging enough, let alone juggling in-person interviews and managing everyone’s schedules. With Hellohire’s virtual interview software, your HR department, hiring managers, and everyone in between can virtually speed interview, screen, and hire new employees virtually, making the hiring process smoother. 

The Future of Hiring

Most Human Resource teams and hiring managers will agree that sifting through resumes, headhunting, and finding qualified and enthusiastic employees can be tough and tedious. Recruiters all over the globe spend countless hours deciding who should move forward for a face-to-face interview with hiring managers. Online interview platforms are the best way to meet potential candidates in bulk and cut down on the unnecessary travel, logistics, and meeting setup that goes along with the traditional interview process. High-volume hiring has never been so easy! 

There is no denying that shorter interviews and shorter hiring processes result in wins for both the organization and the candidate. By filling open positions you are reducing your organization’s cost of vacancy (COV) as well as reducing the chances of burnout amongst current employees. Candidates of course also prefer a shorter interview and hiring process as it demonstrates you respect them and their time. 

Written qualifications and past experience on a resume only tells half the story. Getting face-to-face with candidates results in better hires in a WAY more efficient manner. Hellohire’s sophisticated virtual interview software was made to remove the pain points involved in the in-person and video interview process.

Why An Online Interview Platform Is More Efficient 

An online interview simplifies recruiting, interviewing, and finding your ideal candidate. It also makes high-volume hiring easier to accomplish in a shorter time period by allowing qualifying, screening, and ranking of candidates to occur in one seamless experience. 

Hellohire’s online interview platform allows organizations to set up their own virtual job fairs; enabling hiring teams to get through hundreds of candidates in one day, or one weekend. Virtual job fairs allow big-time savings, permitting interested candidates to get face-to-face with your team over live video and easily connect from a mobile phone or desktop computer. 

Virtual job fairs combined with Hellohire’s speed interview process make screening and getting to know candidates faster while still addressing all of the important qualifying questions. Interviewers can set up a set conversation timer and keep track of high-ranking candidates right within the platform. This helps to keep interviews moving along and organized helping move the process along. Hiring teams and recruiters can determine a candidate’s fit, enthusiasm, communication style, and more in the first interview.

If you work in an industry that often needs to bulk hire for different seasons, has high turnover or you simply need to fill positions quickly, Hellohire was made for you. Weeks of screening and scheduling interviews can all be completed in the span of one day. The biggest pain points of hiring are removed, allowing hiring teams to focus on their daily priorities instead of blocking out hours for endless interviews!

Hiring Made Better

With labor shortages and time-crunched candidates, companies can no longer rely on the traditional resume or application process. It simply is too long and tedious for hiring managers as well as candidates. Replacing that process with a thoughtful real-time screening process that funnels your best candidates into an easy-to-follow speed interview, you can hire quickly and efficiently. You just need the right tools to do it. Hellohire can show you how.

Have questions about Hellohire’s functionality or simply want to learn more? Get in touch with us today! We can get you set up with a demo and free trial. It’s time to remove the pain from recruiting and interviewing. Hire people, not resumes.