Hellohire speed interview and virtual job fair platform to help retail, hospitality and healthcare accelerate hiring with funding from Province of Ontario’s Skills Development Fund (SDF)

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[MEDIA RELEASE] Toronto, ON – (April 27, 2022) – Hellohire is excited to announce that, with the support of the Province of Ontario’s Skills Development Fund (SDF), our speed interview and virtual job fair platform will be shared with employers in Ontario’s hardest-hit sectors to help them find and hire talent quickly.

Through the Skills Development Fund, Hellohire will offer its speed interview and virtual job fair platform free of charge to help companies in qualifying sectors in Ontario reduce time-to-hire and fill open positions quickly. Participating employers will also be provided with educational materials that share best practices and facilitate rapid on-boarding of their hiring and recruiting teams. 

The platform is designed to help employers connect with applicants quicker, engage with often-overlooked candidates, and hire at a more efficient rate. Hellohire is currently being used across industries and has shown to be able to reduce candidate screening time for high-volume positions by 80%.

“The hiring process hasn’t changed in decades and it’s difficult for employers to connect with the right candidates. With support from Minister McNaughton, Hellohire is working to change that. Our goal is to help companies connect people to jobs in a way that doesn’t discriminate based on work history, education, or other prerequisites that can mismatch jobs and candidates. We want you to hire the person, not the resume.” stated Ravin Shah, CEO of Hellohire.

“Ontario is facing a once-in-a-generation labour shortage, and we need all hands on deck to solve it,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour Training and Skills Development. “That is why our government is supporting innovative companies like Hellohire, who can connect job seekers with local employers at record speed.”

Companies in the following sectors have been identified as those in most need, and can sign up for the free program to help accelerate their hiring process:
• Retail trade
• Accommodation
• Food services
• Healthcare

For more information about Hellohire and to sign up for this free program supported by the Government of Ontario, visit: https://in.tryhellohire.com/ontario-sdf

About Hellohire
Hellohire is the world’s first speed interview platform that helps employers screen and hire candidates quickly. We’ve helped hundreds of recruiters interview thousands of candidates and close the loop on filling high-volume positions.We are driven by our mission to make hiring quicker, easier and more inclusive. To find out more about Hellohire visit tryhellohire.com