5 Benefits of a Virtual Job Fair

woman waving to her virtual meeting

With the rise of COVID-19, event organizers are having to reconsider their regular venues and adapt to a new virtual reality. And job fairs are no exception. There are numerous benefits of hosting a virtual job fair.

Although taking your job fair online may sound stressful at first, it doesn’t have to be. Going virtual can add lots of value to an event. Not to mention, you can do it all while sitting in your pyjamas.

Here are 5 benefits of taking your job fair online:

1. Go Green

Ride the wave of environmentalism and reduce your event’s carbon footprint. In-person job fairs can be super wasteful. From each exhibitor’s booth to the amount of swag given to attendees, they are certainly not eco-friendly. Online job fairs require no physical resources, and in turn, display your organization’s commitment to putting the Earth first.

2. Easier on the Wallet

The price tag on an in-person job fair, for both the host and exhibitors, can add up quickly. With no reason to spend money on physical marketing products, all participants will save money by going virtual.

3. All Abilities Considered

No one should be excluded from a career opportunity because their accessibility needs weren’t accommodated for. Moving to a virtual landscape opens your door to a wider range of candidates and employers. Also, you will no longer need to worry about traffic delays, flights, or the surprise blizzard. Your event can be accessed by everyone from a location that is most comfortable to them.

4. The More the Merrier

A more accessible location means a higher visitor attendance. Without the logistics of getting there or being there, the exhibitors and attendees may feel more inclined to participate.

5. No Loss on Engagement

There is a huge misconception that in-person engagement drives value. But online doesn’t mean less interactive. In fact, an online venue could propel engagement because it enables the attendee to connect with an employer more seamlessly and privately.

virtual job fair

Your online job fair can be just as – if not more – successful than those you held in-person. Adapting to the new climate may be just the thing you need to help your job seekers land great placements.

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