3 Tips for Setting Up Your Virtual Career Fair Booth

Virtual meeting on laptop cartoon

So, you and your colleagues are about to participate in your first virtual career fair, but are not totally sure how to set up the perfect slideshow to accompany your virtual booth.

Without a flashy banner, 5 enthusiastic reps around your table, and plenty of swag to give out, how are you supposed to attract talent?

Don’t worry! Here are three tips to make sure students and job seekers are impressed by your virtual booth.

1. Be creative!

Try and find ways to let your company culture shine on your slides. There are many ways to stand out! Try making your slides look appealing by including your company colours or some pictures of your team working hard and having fun. Maybe you have some great company swag that you can send to one lucky winner by doing a virtual giveaway! Thinking outside of the box always pays off.

2. Have a list of all the positions you are hiring for

It is important that job seekers are applying to jobs they are interested in and that you receive resumes from qualified candidates! Yes, making your slides look great is important, but making sure you have all of the information attendees need about the role is crucial. By including a list of all the positions you are hiring for, it makes it easy for students and job seekers to choose who they want to live video chat with during the fair.

3. Don’t overcrowd your slides

Going to a career fair can be overwhelming for job seekers, even when it is virtual. Keeping your slides concise and to the point allows everyone to quickly look through and decide if they would be a good fit. Having paragraphs of text may turn some people away, especially students who have 3 chapters of reading to do that night!

This new virtual world comes with many new challenges, but if you follow these tips you will have no problem finding the perfect person to join your team.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you will be hosting your virtual career fair booth. Hellohire offers the perfect platform to ensure a successful virtual career fair. Sign up for your free trial here today! Good luck!