High-Volume Hiring Do’s And Don’ts

Employer and employee shaking hands after a successful high volume hiring event

Many different employers in different industries take part in seasonal ramps or high-volume hiring. When hiring dozens, or hundreds of employees at once, it can be challenging to meet and screen every candidate and ensure quality hires. If high-volume hiring is something you often do or are looking to begin doing, keep reading for our top does and don’ts. 

High-Volume Hiring, Do’s:

When conducting high-volume hiring, there are many different things to keep in mind. What are the top do’s when hiring for high-volume positions? Are there must-haves and must-dos for the process to be successful? When filling a multitude of open positions virtually, there are a few things HR teams must keep in mind:

Establish a Strong Hiring Team

When conducting a high-volume recruitment initiative, you must establish a strong hiring team. This includes everyone involved in the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and decision-making processes. 

When building a mass hiring team, it is essential to consider the team’s ability and availability to process a high-volume number of recruits. The earlier you discover potential bottlenecks and pain points, the better you can plan for a smooth hiring process.

Determine Hiring Plan

Once your hiring team is established, it’s time to build your hiring plan. A hiring plan is vital for ensuring every hiring team member clearly understands their role in the hiring pipeline. A hiring plan is also where you will establish the top attributes you are looking for in applicants. These would be things like experience, communication skills, qualifications and personality. 

An additional consideration to your hiring plan would be to add a company-wide referral program to increase the number of recruits. Offering employees an incentive to recruit like-minded people can be an excellent way to build an extensive list of candidates. You can then use this list for invitees’ virtual job fairs and speed interviews within the Hellohire hiring platform.

Efficient Screening Process

Once you have set up a virtual job fair or have gathered your desired amount of resumes, it’s time to begin the screening process. Reviewing resumes and screening candidates can take up a huge chunk of time. It’s important to conduct the reviews and screening efficiently and as early in the relationship as possible – if you’re going to do it at all. Quick video meetings are beneficial to this process. A quick face-to-face video call with a candidate can offer you better insight into the person that you can’t capture from a resume alone. This is especially important when hiring for customer-centric roles that require a certain level of friendliness and communication skills. You can focus more on the personal skills you desire from candidates instead of their completed level of education, previous roles, and volunteer hours. Screen the person, not their resume.

An additional perk of using Hellohire for screening calls is the ability to record and take notes during the screening call. This allows more members of the hiring team access to the candidates even if they cannot attend the video call in real-time.

High-Volume Hiring, Don’ts:

When building your high-volume recruitment strategy, a few common mistakes are essential to avoid. These mistakes can lead to undesirable hires, but they can also be extremely costly.

Disregard Building a Budget

A big mistake many organizations make is not sticking to a recruiting and screening budget for high-volume recruitment initiatives. On average, it costs around $4,500 US dollars per hire, and many HR teams spend 15% or more on recruitment. This is why online job fairs and virtual interview processes have become the new norm. Reducing the time spent reviewing resume and screening candidates saves your team money and frees them up to scale efforts or start new projects. Hiring platforms like Hellohire significantly reduce the price of hiring while improving the screening and hiring process as a whole. 

Snub Social Channels

When high-volume hiring, you need to reach as many potential candidates as possible. Social media offers you a free way to engage with more people and allows people to share the post with those they believe might be interested. Free posts + free referrals = way more engagement. A solid social media strategy for high-volume recruitment is a no-brainer! 

The Best High-Volume Hiring Platform

At Hellohire, we offer organizations an easier, more efficient way to conduct high-volume recruitment. With our speed interview and virtual job fair functionality, recruiters can quickly get face-to-face with candidates. Speaking with a person offers much more than a resume can!
Are you ready to start improving your hiring process? Get in touch with Hellohire today! We can get you set up with a demo and free trial. It’s time to remove the pain from recruiting and interviewing. Hire people, not resumes.