Get The Most Out Of Your HR Tools For Recruitment & Virtual Job Fairs

Employer conducting applicant screening video call using hellohire interviewing platform

A lot of day-to-day hiring procedures and HR tools for recruitment have moved online and offer companies many advantages, including hosting virtual job fairs. If you’re new to the world of virtual job fairs, you might wonder what the best practices are and how the process differs from a physical job fair. To get the most out of your online job fairs, you must know a few top tips, do’s, and don’ts! 

Top Benefits of Hosting an Online Job Fair

Many corporations are accelerating their adoption of virtual tools for conducting their day-to-day processes. Job fairs are no exception! Recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates virtually allows companies to meet more people in less time while eliminating the logistical challenges of travel and coordinating schedules for face-to-face meetings. While there are endless benefits to hosting an online job fair, here are three notable benefits:

Meet More Recruits in Less Time

Hosting online job fairs using Hellohire’s virtual hiring platform for recruitment is ideal for meeting many more applicants in less time.

Informal virtual job fairs, or formal ones (it’s up to you), allow hundreds of potential candidates to get in front of recruiters. 5 minute meetings can build a substantial list of potential hires that you’d like to move forward in the interview process. If you’re hiring for many positions, this can be the most efficient use of your hiring team’s time.

Using Hellohire’s platform, you can host an online job fair using live and pre-recorded video functionality. This offers you a wide range of ways to connect with more recruits. Job fair functionality and speed interviews drastically speed up the hiring process as the screening is completed in parallel with getting to know each candidate.

Ideal Way To Screen Applicants

Hiring managers and recruiters often spend many long, exhausting hours searching, messaging, and scheduling screening calls and interviews with potential employees. The screening and vetting process can take a few days to a few weeks. But the reality is that the screening process does not need to be so strenuous! 

Virtual job fair software allows hiring managers to screen hundreds of candidates in one day by video call. Hellohire’s platform enables candidates to upload their resumes for the employer to view while allowing the focus to be on the person themselves.

For customer-centric jobs that require the candidate to communicate regularly and display a friendly demeanor, speaking to the candidate provides better insight than reading a resume. While a resume can provide info about qualifications and experience, some roles rely on a person’s individual traits to be a good fit. Finding these people is easier using a face-to-face method such as virtual video interviews.

Perfect for High-Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring is common in many industries, such as the service and hospitality industries. Hiring service staff, cleaning staff, etc., can be a significant undertaking for hiring teams. Sorting through resumes is not only tiring and overwhelming but can eat up a lot of effort and time. A person’s educational background and experience do not mean they will be a suitable maid or restaurant employee, for example. 

By hosting an online job fair using HR tools for recruitment, like Hellohire, hiring teams can screen hundreds of applicants face-to-face. Talking to recruits about their interest in the job, their proximity and location, strengths and weaknesses allows recruiters to get a glimpse into how that individual would behave as an employee. You may be surprised by the amount of information you can gather in a 5-minute video call compared to reading a resume.

Conducting online job fairs and speed interviews with Hellohire will save your company money and time by accelerating well-suited candidates through the hiring funnel.

Online Job Fairs are the Way to Go

Using virtual job fair software to meet more recruits, screen recruits, and conduct bulk-hiring is a no-brainer. If you’re not taking advantage of virtual screening and HR recruitment tools, you are losing money and time. At Hellohire, we will get you started conducting online job fairs in no time! Are you interested in getting started? Start a free trial today!