How to bulk schedule candidates for a group interview on Zoom, Teams or Meet

If you’ve ever had to hire more than one person for a job, you know it’s impossible to schedule 1:1 interviews with every candidate. That why solutions like group interviews and hiring events exist. They let you meet a lot of people in a short amount of time, without having to do any coordination.

The problem is that group interviews and hiring events are not convenient and in a world where so many jobs can be done remotely, the concept of having to commute anywhere for a first interview is a barrier to hiring great candidates.

So, what do you do?

The obvious answer is to use Zoom, Teams, or Meet to do a video or virtual interview! Or is it?

For those of you that have tried, you know that this creates a whole new set of issues. Namely, how do you bulk schedule a large number of candidates without having to worry about no shows?

  1. You could have everyone join at once and do a big video call – but having a random bunch of faces on a video call is weird and having to wait for everyone to answer each question can take forever. Keeping track of everyone’s answer one by one is another nightmare.
  2. You could try using breakout rooms but now you need one person that’s there just to manage where everyone goes. And going back to point 1, you have a bunch of random faces on a video call waiting for their turn for a breakout room.
  3. You could try using a calendar booking tool but you can typically only schedule 15 minute interviews and when someone doesn’t show up (50% on average), it’s not every time effective.

The key is to find a bulk scheduling tool like Hellohire that does all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is send your candidates a scheduling link and technology will take care of screening, scheduling, reminders – and no shows.

Like they say, there’s an app for everything and the app for bulk scheduling candidates for group interviews is Hellohire!

Check it out!