How to Meet More Candidates Webinar Recap

Hellohire how to meet more candidates webinar graphic

Recently, the Hellohire team hosted a video discussion to discuss the major trends in the labour market. They offered up a few key solutions on how to meet more candidates in order to overcome these labor market challenges.

Experiencing no-shows and struggling to find candidates to hire? Has hiring the perfect candidate felt more difficult than ever, and you’re not exactly sure why? The reasons for why your roles remain open seem to be pilling up.

The Hellohire team discusses the great recession we are currently experiencing, and the multitude of factors behind it. They discuss some of the biggest drivers behind your hiring challenges including:

  • the aging population
  • the high rate of quitting
  • pent up resignations

Many recruiters today are still relying on old methods to hire, which are no longer effective in this new climate. The labour market has changed, a faster and smoother hiring approach is needed to be able to keep up with this change.

In the “How to Meet More Candidates” discussion, the Hellohire team provides tips and tools you can use right now to help you reach a wider pool of candidates, combat these talent pipeline challenges, and fill all those open roles.

Interested in learning more? Tune in here to listen to the discussion, stay to the end to learn about how to get a free trial of Hellohire!