Hosting A Virtual Job Fair For High-Volume Hiring 

Mean speaking on a screen at a virtual job fair

Are you opening up a new retail or restaurant location? Or maybe you need staff and volunteers for a marathon run for charity? No matter your high-volume hiring needs, an online job fair using an online interview platform can solve many of your staffing qualms. But what exactly is an online job fair, and why are they so awesome for small to large companies alike?

Why Virtual Job Fairs Work

When beginning a high-volume hiring initiative, hiring teams have many different options they can use for recruiting and screening. However, some methods prove more beneficial than others. Hosting an online job fair or hiring event using an online interview platform is the best way to go, hands down. 

Virtual job fairs allow organizations to access more candidates. Applicants can dial in for an online job fair or hiring fair remotely on any device, including mobile. This is also great for the hiring team as they can conduct screening and interview calls right from their desk. Eliminating logistical problems that come with physical job fairs will save organizations and recruits a lot of money and time.

Speaking of time, online job fairs are only as long as you make them. A hiring team no longer needs to dedicate entire days to in-person job fairs. When high-volume hiring, an online job fair can be the best way to get face-to-face with as many candidates as possible in a few hours. When utilizing Hellohire’s online interview platform, you can ensure that your day is scheduled and staying on track – because we all know that sometimes conversations can go down a rabbit hole. Our conversation tracker and the preloaded question functionality can be a lifesaver.

When using a virtual job fair and hiring event to meet and screen your candidates, you can quickly meet enough people face-to-face to bulk hire. But these virtual events are not just great for hiring teams, they offer candidates a much better recruitment experience. Connecting with real humans earlier in the recruitment process can help save both parties time while improving the quality of new hires. Instead of relying on a resume, you are creating real human connections. Win, win.

How To Hire in Bulk Completely Online

When looking to bulk-hire employees, organizations should follow a few steps to ensure they are reaching interested candidates. While word of mouth recruiting and referrals are an excellent way to find candidates, they will not be enough to satisfy many businesses’ high-volume hiring needs. To start bulk-hiring online, you must:

Find an online interview platform

It is essential to find an online interview platform that can do it all, keeping everything accessible and organized in one spot. It is also vital to ensure that the online interview platform has job fair capabilities. Being able to speak to a large virtual room of candidates while also breaking out and having one-on-one conversations is extremely valuable in today’s hiring market. Hellohire’s online interview platform has so many excellent features, that hiring teams are now enjoying the screening process instead of dreading it!

Customize your online job fair

When setting up a virtual job fair for high-volume hiring, you must use your time wisely. Make sure branding is on point, breakout ‘rooms’ or ‘booths’ are organized, and even prepare a few pre-recorded videos. This offers you the option to showcase your company and role more creatively before meeting the candidates face-to-face. 

Make in-call notes and recommendations

It can be challenging for hiring teams to keep track of everyone they spoke with and what stood out about each candidate when high-volume hiring. When using an online interview platform, ensure that it includes functionality to keep notes during video calls that teams can refer back to. Being able to rank, recommend and highlight different candidates inside the online interview platform is also fantastic when organizing interviews with managers. 

Make High-Volume Hiring Great Again

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With all of our different video calls, recording, note taking and virtual job fair functionality, you can create human connections even when hiring large groups of people at a time. Hire a person and not their resume. If you’re ready to improve your online screening and interview process, get in touch. Our team can get you set up with a free demo and free trial in no time. Make this hiring season your best one yet!