How To Hire Seasonal Employees Quickly & Easily

high-volume hiring for an outdoor patio

Most businesses have busier and slower times of the year, but different seasons can operate like night and day in some industries such as food and hospitality and the need for high-volume hiring quickly approaches as the sun comes out. If you grew up or frequented a Canadian beach town, then you probably know exactly what I mean.

Many stores are completely boarded up for the season or only need a few staff members in the winter. But come summer, streets are full of tourists and the need for employees begins to sore. Hiring seasonal employees is the name of the game for many business owners so ironing out a fool-proof seasonal hiring process is a must.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, there is only one good way to hire seasonal employees, doing it virtually!

Eliminate Seasonal Hiring Stress

High-volume hiring each year, maybe even multiple times a year, can be stressful and exhausting. However, in many industries, the need for higher seasonal workers is not going anywhere anytime soon. Seasonal spikes in different markets can be a blessing for a business’s bottom line but a curse for hiring enough staff. Thankfully, there are some great ways that companies can begin to eliminate the strain.

Hold virtual hiring events & job fairs

The fact is, the best way to reach large numbers of people is with an online interview platform. Hosting virtual hiring events allows companies to meet more candidates while creating a human connection. The 1-on-1 time in a video call is significant when hiring for customer-facing roles, as that often takes a certain amount of charisma and poise. It also allows hiring managers to get a feel for the person behind the resume. 

Resumes can offer written experience, but there is so much more to a person than that. After conducting video screening calls and interviews, you’ll find that your quality of hires will improve because you hired the person and not the resume. 

Online job fairs and hiring events also allow you to meet candidates who might be geographically far. Often seasonal workers won’t arrive at a role until summer or winter break. If you eliminate virtual screening and hiring options, you miss out on great candidates.

Reduce recruiting & screening costs

Stop taking a substantial financial hit every peak season when paying for physical job fairs and costly in-person hiring efforts. Most business owners and HR teams don’t have enough time to sit down physically with each candidate and determine a fit. But when using an online interview platform, hiring teams can virtually meet hundreds of candidates in a single day if they want. 

Hellohire’s software can help with conversation times and speed interviews. When a screening call goes well, recruiters can then rank and submit candidates for an interview right on the spot. This functionality allows businesses to conduct high-volume hiring in a single afternoon. And the best part is that a human connection has been made with each applicant thanks to virtual video calls and interviews.

Seasonal Hiring Made Simple

Let us help you make this season your best one yet! Recruiting and screening seasonal applicants can become more accessible than ever by using an online interview platform like Hellohire. Our platform offers live video and pre-recorded video options, allowing recruiters and applicants to get face-to-face while automating the questions and answers that are standard to a role. Hellohire is also full of useful features such as speed interviews, candidate profiles, and a ranking and qualifying system.

If you need to hire high-volume seasonal staff or want to host your own online job fair, Hellohire is perfect for you! Screen more candidates in less time while ensuring your hiring process is effective and efficient. Get in touch with us today to start your free trial. There’s a faster hiring process, and it starts with Hellohire. Let us show you how.