Introducing Hellohire

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Recruiting is ready for change.

In today’s world, robots are taking over and recruiting technology has made the process faceless for most candidates. Whether it’s automation or AI, increasing efficiency for recruiters has been at the expense of the candidate experience. Candidates are required to jump through hoops before recruiters will even speak to them.

Employers have pledged to improve the diversity of their organizations but few have tactical strategies that work. Those who follow best practices advertise their roles with communities of underrepresented groups but systematic bias in the resume screening process means many are still not getting face time with recruiters.

Hiring today is more competitive than ever. It’s impossible for one job posting to stand out from the others when they all sound the same. You can tell candidates that your organization is a great place to work with words, images and videos but that is not the same as experiencing it.

Introducing Hellohire, a virtual hiring event platform designed to help talent acquisition teams attract and hire the best.

  • We make it easy to meet more candidates.
  • We give underrepresented groups an equal opportunity to shine.
  • We help employers show why they’re awesome.

We’re on a mission to make recruiting human again.

Join us on our journey!

Ravin Shah, Founder & CEO