The Perfect Platform for Your Interview Tech Stack

The shift from in-person to online seen in business practices has become more prominent in recent years. It’s not uncommon to apply for jobs and attend an interview through a screen. Over the past couple of years, companies have been coming up with new ways to conduct online interviews. Some online interview methods have proven to be better than others. Luckily, we found the must-have platform to add to your interview tech stack.

Key Features to Look For in Your Interview Tech Stack

Before even curating your tech stack, identify what you want out of it. Ask yourself what your business goals are and what are current needs/priorities of the company. You will also want to consider areas of weakness and how you plan on using your tech stack to address and overcome them.

A common issue faced by many hiring teams is the number of no shows they get at their interviews. A good platform should be easy for both the interviewer and candidate to navigate. This minimizes issues that may cause late or missed interviews. Further, consider a platform that optimizes your time in spite of no shows. No one wants to waste time waiting for candidates for them to never show up. Consider if the platform you’re looking at ensures a way of avoiding wasting your time with no shows.

Another issue that hiring teams face are applicant drop-off. One of the main contributors to this issue is the long wait time between applying and hearing back for an interview. Look out for applications that can ensure a short response time to help you avoid further driving away more candidates.

The Issue with “DIY” Video Interview Platforms

Many companies have been putting together some form of a “DIY” video interview platform for their tech stack. A video call platform—such as Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet—is chosen to host the video interview itself. Hiring teams will combine this with the use of another application, such as one for spreadsheets, to log all their booked interview slots. Interviewers will also need a way to keep track of their evaluations of each candidate’s performance in their interview. They will usually look to another spreadsheet or even a regular document to store all their notes about this.

These multi-platform options are a cheap option, since most people already have access to these platforms. However, this method is very inefficient, prone to error, and could end up costing you more of your time. Typos on the interview time spreadsheet and a lack of reminders make it easy for interviewers to miss scheduled times. This can further lengthen the hiring process due to the backlog it creates.

Having all your information stored and organized in multiple platforms can become hard to manage. It requires a lot of coordination for recruiters to stay on top of everything. Without keen organization, it becomes easy for the hiring team to mix up meeting links, miss sending some links out, or miss recording them. This clearly creates further problems that will slow down the hiring process.

These “DIY” platforms also offer no solution to reducing time wasted with no shows. Recruiters will continue to be stuck wasting time waiting for candidates who never show up. These no shows add up and can cause hours of time wasted. So although these kind of options are functional, there are easier and better options for your interview tech stack.

The Perfect Interview Platform for Your Tech Stack

Instead of using numerous platforms, with each serving one purpose, try a platform that does it all. An all-in-one hiring platform is the best addition you could make to your interview tech stack. The perfect platform should be able to handle hosting interviews, scheduling interviews, and evaluating applicants. That way, everything you need is all organized in one location. This makes it significantly easier to keep track of everything.

Hellohire provides the perfect hiring platform to add to your interview tech stack. Hellohire offers a platform designed specifically for hosting video interviews and hiring events. Through the Hellohire platform, candidates can easily book an interview time slot. Interviewers are able to customize the integrated applicant rating system. This allows them to consistently evaluate each candidate during the interview. Hellohire is easy for both candidates and recruiters to navigate, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Advantages of an All-in-one Platform

Having a reliable all-in-one interview platform provides so many benefits to your hiring process. This kind of platform can provide the same functionality as the “DIY” options, while solving all the issues associated with them.

An all-in-one platform, immediately reduces the risk of human error that occurs with the “DIY” option. It eliminates the need to manually enter all the data and links, reducing the number of mistakes. Hellohire makes it easy for recruiters to schedule interview slots. It also offers a clean and easy to read interface for users to view their schedule.

Further, everything is organized in one place, making it easy to stay on top of everything. Using a single software designated for hiring eliminates the need for using multiple different resources and platforms. Hiring teams no longer need to worry about bouncing back and forth between platforms.

Hellohire also ensures that recruiters are not wasting anytime with no show applicants. Using Hellohire, allows interviewers to jump right into interviewing whichever candidate is ready to interview. Having an all-in-one platform like Hellohire in your tech stack can reduce your time to hire.

Upgrade your interview tech stack with Hellohire’s hiring platform. Learn more about Hellohire and see it in action by booking a free demo.