Why Video Speed Interviews Outdo On Demand Interviews

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On Demand interviews have been gaining popularity in the recent years thanks to their efficiency in the hiring process. While they may seem to help speed up your hiring, it can also negatively impact your hiring process. Not to worry, there are alternatives out there that can provide the same benefits but further improve the interview experience for both the recruiter and candidates. Video speed interviews is the perfect option to replace your on demand interviews and here’s why.

What are On Demand Interviews?

Also known as one-way or digital interviews, this type of interview is asynchronous. Recruiters will invite candidates to respond to their interview questions at a time of their choosing. Candidates are usually asked to respond in the form of a recorded video. These recorded responses get sent to recruiters, and then reviewed.

Recruiters usually use these kind of interviews for the initial round of screening because of their efficiency. It allows them to “meet” their candidates in a quick manner. This method is more appealing to recruiters than scanning resumes. It provides the opportunity of learning more about the candidates that their resume may not tell you. However, it is important to note that this method is quite limiting on getting to know your candidates. The asynchronous nature makes it difficult for both parties to truly meet and know each other.

A Lack of Connection

While on demand interviews appear to be very beneficial, they can also harm your hiring process. The main issues is that they make for a poor candidate experience. Since it’s conducted asynchronously, there is no face-to-face conversation occurring. This lack of conversation is what causes the negative experience amongst candidates.

For one, it creates an absence of personal connection. Since the recruiter is never actually meeting the candidate live, it makes it harder to form a connection with candidates. This kind of connection is a good indicator on if someone would be a good fit for the role and company. Thus, missing out on forming these connections can mean missing out on high quality candidates. It also goes the other way and makes it difficult for the candidate to connect with the recruiter.

Additionally, it can feel unnatural for the candidates. Since there’s no back and forth conversation occurring, it becomes very one-sided. Candidates lose the flow of conversation that comes naturally in live interviews. This can cause their responses to feel less genuine and awkward, meaning they may not be performing as well as they would in a normal interview. Recruiters may underestimate candidates’ abilities based on their “awkward” responses. Thus, they risk missing out on great candidates.

On demand interviews can also send the wrong message to candidates, causing you to lose them. Candidates may perceive these types of interviews as the interviewer not willing to make time to have a quick live chat with them. This can make the candidates feel unvalued by the company and may choose to not go forward with the interview process. Hiring today is already difficult enough with the labour shortage. It’s important to ensure your hiring practices are not further driving away any more candidates.

A Better Alternative: Video Speed Interviews

So how do you keep the efficiency of on demand interviews, but avoid all the drawbacks? One of the best alternatives out there is to use video speed interviews. Video speed interviews allow recruiters to meet each candidate for 5–15 minutes and to ask a few questions to get to know them. Since these are short interviews, they maintain the efficiency, while solving the issues of the on demand interviews. This is the perfect option for recruiters who want a better way to do the initial screening. Those who receive an overwhelming number of applicants would especially benefit from this method.

One of the biggest advantages to using speed interviews is that it offers the face-to-face connection that on demand interviews cannot. With video speed interviews, recruiters can quickly screen candidates. They get the added opportunity of getting the chance to know them more personally thanks to the live conversation. The main stand-out point is that speed interviews offer that face-to-face connection that on demand interviews cannot.

Benefits of Video Speed Interviews

Video speed interviews eliminate the main issue with on demand interviews: the lack of real conversation. Video interviews allow you to meet the candidate in real time. That way you can converse and get a better gauge in their communication skills. On demand interviews provide very limited insight into a candidate’s communication skills since there’s no opportunity for conversing.

Video speed interviews also make the experience more comfortable for both you and the candidate. Since it simulates a real-life conversation, it gives you both a more familiar and less awkward feel compared to pre-recorded interviews. That way, you can ensure candidates are relaxed and can focus on being themselves.

Get Started on Video Speed Interviews

Ready to experience the benefits of video speed interviews for yourself? Here are 3 key things to have ready before you get started on your interviews.

  • Prepare a set of questions to ask all candidates to ensure consistency. Try to choose questions that will give you a sense of the candidate’s character/personality. That way, you’ll have a good indicator on if they will be a good fit to the company.
  • Find a speed interview platform to use. A good platform should be easy for both the recruiter and candidates to use and navigate. This ensures a smooth and easy process for both sides. The ideal interview platform should also allow for customization to best suit your hiring needs. Additionally, it should have a place to record and track candidates’ performances. Hellohire’s speed interview platform is a perfect option for this!
  • Decide on a rating system. Before interviewing, you will need to know how you will rank and evaluate each candidate. The easiest way to do this is to determine what traits and skills you are looking for in the ideal candidate. Base your rating system on how well each candidate matches the ideal set of skills. The rating system will help determine who moves forward in the process, and can ensure consistency in evaluation.

Now that you have everything prepared, it’s time for you to host your own video speed interviews. Witness the magic of speed interviews yourself and book a free demo of Hellohire’s speed interview platform.