You Need to Start Screening Candidates Using Video Interviews

guy at desk in a video interview on laptop

When it comes to customer-based roles, it is important to meet your candidates early in the hiring process. You want to meet the candidate early to learn their skills. Video interviews are a great way to meet such candidates.

With video interviews, you can mimic an in-person meeting with your candidates. You can witness their level of composure, professionalism, in-person communication skills, and personality. Video interviews allow you to ask questions that will help you get a glimpse or an idea of the interests and dedication of a candidate.

Online video interviews are among the best methods to form an opinion on a candidate’s fit for the job role. Many companies are adopting them, and they will only get more mainstream in years to come.

Why Video Interviews can be Helpful

Resume Limitations

Most people are not expert resume writers and may not convey their customer communication skills well on a resume. How will you determine their level of skill if you do not get to witness them live? Many candidates are way better than their resume portrays. Several candidates have invaluable in-person communication skills that are not observable in resumes. When you conduct a video interview, you get a feel of these communication skills based on how the candidate responds.

You do not want to lose out on gems in candidates—conduct an online video interview, and do not rely on resumes alone. In fact, some resumes might exaggerate the communication skills of some candidates. Avoid getting misled; a video interview will show you exactly who the candidate is.

Saves Time and Effort

Your recruitment team most likely needs to meet a lot of applicants to find the right fit for your company. The quickest way to get to know a lot of people within a short time is through video interview technologies. The convenience of video interviews help reduce workload and smooth out the hiring process for your recruitment team. More so, the hiring process speeds up as your team can conduct many interviews within a short period. If you are doing mass hiring, video interviews might be the best fit.

Video interview also allows for quick screening systems. You get to reduce the time spent trying to set up many interviews and placing tons of calls. Schedule candidates into batches of video interviews, and conduct many interviews in a day without stressful logistics.

Many companies and candidates are advocating for online video interviews due to its ease. Studies show jet lag and other motion sicknesses affect many candidate. This can affect how they present themselves during interviews. Online video interviews are recommended to save applicants travel time and stress. In video interviews, candidates can relax and not have to worry about travel stress. You get to assess them for who they are and the expertise they can deliver to the role.


Having an easily accessible interview can reduce the number of candidates who miss their interviews. Employers often equate lateness to incompetence and lack of professionalism, but that is not always the case. Due to unforeseen occurrences, many competent candidates arrive late for their appointments or, in worst-case scenarios, miss the interview altogether. Some candidates might experience issues beyond their control, preventing them from being on time. But with online video interviews, you reduce the possibility of these unfortunate occurrences. Candidates can attend their interviews from the comfort of their homes. More so, you reduce the friction in the application process since you won’t have to attend to the backlog caused by missed appointments. How efficient!

Reach More Candidates

Online video interviews open you up to meeting a wider pool of candidates. This gives you a better chance at finding the perfect candidate for your job role(s). Video interviews give you the opportunities to witness the candidate’s communication skills and technical knowledge.

Physical interviews that restrict you to fixed numbers of interviews per day or week, due to the travelling, transition time between candidates, etc. The efficiency of online video interviews allow your recruitment team to take on as many interviews as they can. This way, you get to choose the best candidates.

Hosting Video Interviews

Now that you know all about the perks of using video interviews, it is time for you to get started. Here are 4 key things you will need to host your own video interviews:

  1. A video interview platform. A good platform should be customizable, and straightforward to use. You also want to look out for what the user experience and interface will look like. The cleaner and easier to follow, the better. You may also want to consider analytical features the platform can offer. Also keep in mind how the platform will have you invite candidates to join the video interview.
  2. A way to schedule interviews. Scheduling your candidates in batches for their interviews can reduce friction in the process. Doing so can help you reduce time wasted from no-shows, allowing you to immediately interview whoever is online and ready to interview.
  3. Interview and Screening Questions. Before conducting any interview, determine what skills you are looking for in your ideal candidate. Choose questions that will give your candidates a chance to show you if they have the ideal skill set you are looking for. Remember to keep your questions professional as this will bring you the best of candidates.
  4. Scoring parameters. You do not want to score candidates based on “spur of the moment” parameters. This will favour some applicants over others. You want to create a level playing ground for all candidates. Your scoring parameters should reflect the ideal skill sets you identified when picking out questions.

Get Started on Your Video Interviews Today

The shift in the recruitment space is towards online video interviews—and why not? You are better placed to explore a wide variety of options in candidates. Online video interviews are not only convenient, but they are also very efficient in selecting the best candidate(s) for a role(s).

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