Why You Should Start Screening Candidates Using Video Interviews

Many companies embrace video interviews as a means to assess candidates’ composure and skills. Meeting your candidates early in the hiring process can ensure you decide on the right candidate fast and accurately.

Benefits of Video Interviews

Video interviews are a great way to get a feel on the candidates’ communication skills and interpersonal skills. For customer-based roles, you want to employ candidates that can handle your customers, build loyalty with them, and also draw new customers to your business through their excellent interpersonal skills and technical knowledge.

Video interviews are also important to determine the exact qualifications and skills of candidates. Some candidates may not be the strongest resume writers and are unable to convey their skills well on a resume. Meeting them in a face-to-face video interview will help you get a better sense of their abilities.

Getting an Edge

You can gain an edge in your hiring process by using video interviews. You will be able to:

  • Evaluate in-person communication skills. Identify candidates’ communication skills based on their composure and how they respond to your questions. Looking at your candidate, you can easily tell how calm, friendly, and effective they will be while attending to customer service tasks, especially under pressure.
  • Better gauge interest in the person versus through a resume screen. Looking at your candidate face-to-face will help you determine the interest each candidate has in what your company does. This helps to select motivated candidates for the particular job role, and enthusiasm for the company is crucial for success.
  • Be more likely to meet a diverse group of people. Be more likely to meet a diverse group of people. You might not be able to gauge the level of in-person communication skills of a candidate until you see it yourself face-to-face. With a video interview, you might be surprised at the invaluable in-person communication skills that a candidate’s resume did not portray.

Host Your Own Video Interviews

Video interviews are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to find the best fit for company roles. They make it easy for you to see the best qualities in your candidates.

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