Talent Acquisition, Screening & Hiring Trends of 2022

women on laptop during a virtual talent acquisition screening call

Hiring people is one of those few things that has avoided evolution over the last decade or so and taking advantage of today’s most competitive talent acquisition and recruitment styles could set you apart. For some reason, physical job fairs, time-consuming interviews, and ineffective screening calls are still happening in every industry, despite the digital revolution. 

It’s time for a change and some businesses have started to catch on to the benefits of virtual talent acquisition and recruitment. Using a virtual interview software is for you if your business goes through high-volume recruitment periods or you are looking at making your talent acquisition and recruitment processes more effective this year.

Virtual Hiring Events 

Welcome to the future! No longer will physical hiring events and job fairs be the expensive, logistical nightmare you will have to deal with. Hiring can now be completed 100% virtually from recruitment, screening, and interviewing. Best of all, virtual hiring events are less expensive and can happen anywhere, anytime. 

1-to-1 Conversations

Meeting candidates face to face is one of the best ways to meet and screen potential hires. Hiring people and not resumes is where it all begins. Talking to someone over video chat compared to a long questionnaire or automated system that screens for resume keywords is no longer effective.

Virtual hiring closely mimics what this in-person experience would be like, but offers businesses much more flexibility to recruit the best candidates despite their physical locations. When using an online interview platform, you should ask the recruit screening questions relevant to the role, as well as get to know the person and see if they are a right fit for your company culture. These questions will help you more accurately see how they would respond to the job’s specific conditions. When hiring managers use their cameras to conduct video calls, they can study the candidate’s body language and often detect personality traits and problem-solving skills. This is only possible when using a 

Candidate Experience

Meeting candidates face to face is also a great way to improve how candidates view the organization. Making natural, face-to-face connections using an online interview platform will provide a sense of trust and relationship, often putting your organization at the top of the candidate’s list. Screening over video can also reduce the risk of hiring candidates that use a resume writing service, exaggerating their skills and job-specific knowledge. Get to know the person and their skillset in real-time. 

Another top perk when using virtual interview software during your talent acquisition and recruitment process is that it allows recruiters to provide instant feedback to hiring managers. Inside Hellohire’s online interview platform, you can rate and recommend candidates during the screening call and quickly advance candidates to the next stage, such as an instant interview with a hiring manager. This functionality proves exceptionally beneficial during a virtual hiring fair or a period of high-volume recruitment.

Improve Applicant Accessibility

By using an online interview platform, you are opening up vacant roles to a much wider audience. Screening and interviewing applicants over video chat allows you to reach people from all over the country and worldwide. This is especially useful if your company has switched to a remote work environment. Virtual interviews also allow those who can’t travel or logistically make it to a physical meeting face-to-face with hiring team members. You are no longer missing out on talent due to applicants not being able to take a day off work to travel to a physical meeting. This can be awesome when hiring for seasonal vacancies where candidates could be coming from all over the country. Virtual interview software makes the talent acquisition and recruitment process cheaper and better for your organization and the applicants.

Speed Up The Interview Process

Let’s face it, hiring new employees takes loads of time and effort that we do not always have. But this does not mean that you should begin cutting corners. You actually need to improve the process to reduce hiring regrets and increase quality hires. 

It was found that 53% of recruiters find screening candidates the most difficult part of the hiring process. But, conducting screening of potential employees can actually save your organization 60% of the usual time it takes to hire and can produce employees that are 15% more productive. This is precisely why using an online interview platform like Hellohire is a no-brainer.

To help further improve the process, you should speed it up. Hellohire’s online interview platform has speed interview functionality to help keep conversations focused and moving – our conversation timer is a life saver. Determine how much time you’d like to dedicate to each candidate, and our online interview platform will help structure the interview. You can interview candidates one after another, keeping notes directly within the platform to share with your team. 

Virtual Interview Platforms are the Way to Go

Reduce the unnecessary friction and back-and-forth in your hiring process by using virtual interview software to meet, screen, and bulk hire more candidates. You are losing money and time if you’re not taking advantage of online talent acquisition and recruitment tools. At Hellohire, we will get you started conducting online job fairs in no time! Are you interested in getting started? 

See how virtual screening & interviewing could help you fill your open roles faster and with the right candidates. Get a free demo today!