Best Practices When Bulk-Hiring For The Launch Of A New Business

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Nothing is more exciting and exhausting than launching a new business venture, branch, or offshoot of a larger company! Beginning your bulk-hiring process to surround yourself with the best staff can often end up being more difficult and time-consuming than anything else.

Thankfully, as this is such an important part of building your team and work culture, it doesn’t need to be as stressful and tedious as you might think. Using an online interview platform for bulk-hiring in the early stages of your business needs helps organizations, big or small, recruit, screen and hire employees efficiently.

Efficiently Screen Talent

Why is it important to screen applicants? Screening potential candidates is essential for any role, no matter how entry-level or senior the position might be. By screening potential employees, businesses help protect themselves from hiring the wrong applicant, reducing overall turnover. Hiring suitable candidates can also help save organizations thousands of dollars by lowering overall recruiting, interviewing and onboarding costs.

If you’re opening a new business and are going to be conducting high-volume hiring, it can actually be one of the best things your hiring team does to ensure top-quality hires. 

Here are 4 of the best practices when screening employees:

Take the Time to Screen

Screening applicants helps reduce wasted time in the future. The point of screening employees is to filter out applicants that would not be the right fit before hours of time and money are spent in the interview process. Hiring managers and recruiters can find out more about an employee in a five-minute video call than they could ever by just reading a resume and LinkedIn profile. 

You will learn about not only their relevant experience and education but if their personality would be a good fit for the role and team. Asking someone questions in real-time rather than on a written application allows you to better understand their practical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and much more.

Screen Applicants Over Video Call

Many recruiters use phone calls to screen applicants, but using an online interview platform with video call functionality can produce more accurate results. This is due to the physical element of the call. Recruiters can see the applicant’s body language, expressions, and environment around them. This information helps immensely when locating the right fit for a role. 

To screen more applicants in a shorter time, many organizations conduct virtual job fairs. Speak face-to-face over video call with tens, or even hundreds, of candidates. This is a great tool to use when conducting high-volume hiring, as you can move more people forward in the hiring process in a very short amount of time.

Prepare Screening Questions

When screening applicants, it is important that you come prepared with questions that will help you find the answers you seek. Is customer service important? Is bookkeeping and administration important? Is the applicant’s personality more important than past experience and education?

Decide what is most relevant for the particular role and ensure screening questions cover the top skills you are searching for. It is also essential to prepare screening questions to ensure every applicant has the opportunity to answer the same questions. 

Staying consistent throughout the screening process ensures you gather accurate data when rating and comparing applicants. Consistency also allows hiring teams to realistically compare candidates, allowing you to narrow down your top applicants and eliminate the rest.

Record & Rate Applicants

Often when screening applicants, it is a recruiter or hiring team member conducting the calls alone. Recording these calls allows other team members to review them after the fact. Recording the calls also allows the recruiter to fully engage in the conversation without needing to write notes – further speeding up the screening process. Following the interview, in Hellohire’s online interview platform, you can rate and recommend an applicant, keeping the hiring process moving.

Meet More Talent In Less Time

Often, with high-volume hiring, you won’t have time to sit down in person with every candidate physically. Yet, meeting potential hires face-to-face is vital to find the right fit and reduce employee turnover. Resumes are great, but there is nothing like speaking 1-on-1 to a human to truly get a taste of their personality, experience and motivations. This is where online interview platforms come in handy. 

Using an online interview platform helps hiring managers to meet more candidates face-to-face in less time. By using Hellohire’s interview platform, you have the functionality to conduct virtual hiring events, the option to speed interview candidates, rate candidates, and use the candidate profile and rating functionality. This functionality will change the hiring game within your organization by making hiring easier, quicker, more accessible and enjoyable for both HR teams and applicants.

When using an online interview platform, you are in control. You can set aside a few hours of an afternoon and conduct face-to-face discussions with applicants, keeping notes and rating as you go directly inside Hellohire’s software. You can share recorded interviews and notes within your team, allowing everyone to be involved even if they cannot attend the interviews. Recommend candidates and move them forward in the hiring process in minutes, not days or weeks.

The Best Hiring Platform for Your Expanding Business

At Hellohire, we offer new and expanding organizations an easier, more efficient way to fill vacancies or conduct high-volume hiring. With our speed interview and virtual job fair functionality, recruiters can quickly get face-to-face with candidates, screen and bulk-hire efficiently. Having a conversation with an applicant offers so much more than a resume ever could!

Let us show you how Hellohire can improve your hiring processes. See how virtual interviews could get your business up and running faster.  It’s time to remove the pain from recruiting and interviewing. Hire people, not resumes.
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