How To Improve Your Hiring Process & Reduce Employee Turnover

improved hiring process with an interview platform shows a room full of new employees

The minute a job posting goes live, companies can receive hundreds of applications from talented candidates. Selecting which applicants to move forward for a screening call and interview can often be overwhelming for HR and hiring teams. They might as well blindly select resumes from a pile when the applications are piling in at high speed. 

How can we improve this process? Video interview software and speed interviews will solve all of your talent acquisition and screening qualms – let us show you how:

Meet More Talent In Less Time

According to Glassdoor, the average online job posting will receive 250 resumes, and typically only 4-6 applicants will be interviewed. Successfully narrowing down the number of applicants is tricky, which is where screening comes into play. Screening applicants allows recruiters to cross names off the list and recommend others to move along in the interview process. Screening helps reduce the odds of a hiring manager interviewing someone who is the complete wrong fit.

How can we screen as many candidates as possible without spending too much time and money on the process? Using Hellohire’s virtual hiring event, speed interviews and conversation timer functionality allows recruiters to screen and filter hundreds of applicants in hours. Meet candidates face-to-face over video call right from your office or home. Meeting candidates over video calls allows recruiters to narrow down the list, forwarding hiring managers a better list of potential hires.

Using Hellohire’s video interview software, recruiters can make notes and recommend candidate profiles in real-time. The candidate can go straight from their screening call to a speed interview with the hiring manager – going from an applicant to a finalist in just a few minutes. Reducing the length of the hiring process is essential to many candidates, as a lengthy process can lead to applicants losing interest or finding work elsewhere.

To summarize, using video interview software speeds up the screening and interview process while improving the quality of candidates that move forward in the hiring process.

Hire The Person, Not The Resume

Face-to-face screening using an online interview platform is extremely valuable for more than just learning about a candidate’s qualifications. Screening applicants over a video call allows recruiters to experience the candidate’s facial expressions, body language, and natural ability to answer questions in real-time. You can determine so much about an applicant’s personality, problem-solving skills, and charisma over a video call. While different jobs require different qualifications, the more you know about the person and not just their capabilities, the better hiring decisions you will be making. 

Hiring the right fit reduces employee turnover, as the right hire will fit in with the work culture while being competent in their new role. This is extremely important as nearly 80% of millennials want a people and cultural fit with employers. Similarly, 84% of recruiters report that culture fit is crucial when hiring. In this day and age, interviews go both ways. So being able to sell your business and offer applicants an inside look into the company culture is highly beneficial.

Speed Up & Improve Your Hiring Process

Hellohire’s online interview platform takes the pain out of the screening and interview process while reducing hiring regrets and employee turnover. You no longer have to spend weeks sifting through resumes and waste time and effort juggling meetings and interviews. With Hellohire, your hiring process will be organized, efficient, and effective.

See how virtual screening & interviewing could help you fill your open roles faster and with the right candidates. Get started today and book a demo with Hellohire!