10 Must-Read Human Resource Books

Human resource is one of the most important departments in every company. With new methods and processes developing daily, HR personnel must keep up to date. A great way to do so is to read books centred around these topics. Here’s our list of the top 10 human resource books you must read.

Our list of must-read human resource books

1. Work Rules!, Laszlo Bock

Work Rules is a powerful book by Laszlo Bock, the inventive People Operations leader at Google. The book offers managerial guidance on hiring and personnel management. Bock discusses how to hire talent and keep a solid organizational system in place. This book further explores ways managers can encourage their staff to enjoy their jobs.

Using his experience, he takes readers to the big world of one of the most successful businesses. His analyses show why Google is constantly rated as one of the best places to work. As someone who has won many HR awards, he outlines the best practices to follow.

2. Bring your Human to Work, Erica Keswin

Keswin teaches readers how to foster interpersonal relationships at work. She demonstrates how and why personal workplace connections are lacking in many firms. Furthermore, she offers guidance and examples on how to ensure human connection in practice. Technology can be distracting in forming relationships in the workplace; Kewsin Despite the use of technology tools, it demonstrates how to foster a culture at work.

As a workplace strategist, Keswin puts real experiences into the book. She heavily stresses the need for read human connection in the workplace. Bring your Human to Work outlines ten sure ways to design a workplace that is both suitable for employees and good for business.

3. People Processes: How People Can Be Your Organizations Competitive Advantage, Rhamy Alejeal

Rhamy focuses on paying attention to the people at work. He understands that a company’s most valuable asset are its employees. In this book, Rhamy describes how to draw in and keep talent. Rhamy shows HR professionals how to inspire workers and use technology to enhance the working environment. He demonstrates how HR can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the workers themselves.

With the growing culture of automated HR, the book gives helpful solutions such as automation. While the system suggested is not the easiest to implement, yet it has many advantages. The knowledge Rhamy shares is sure to help with many common HR problems.

4. Fully Staffed: The Definitive Guide to Finding & Keeping Great Employees, Eric Chester

In Fully Staffed, Chester shows that hiring the right people is not enough. Knowing the right time to hire is also important. A business must know when a company can solve challenges through the right workforce, and this includes knowing how to hire the ideal workforce.

Chester covers the topics of recruitment, development, and retention of personnel who will perform crucial job functions. His book teaches HR that failing to attract new clients or boost sales are not the biggest threats to a company, but rather how to find and retain personnel. Chester provides numerous methods and strategies to help find the right talent.

5. Strategic Human Resource Management: An HR Professional’s Toolkit, Karen Beaven

Strategic Human Resource Management is the perfect human resource book for HR professionals looking to benefit the workforce and make an impact. Beaven believes that knowledge is important to run an HR successfully. People or leadership positions must understand themselves, the business, and the industry. Beyond this, Beaven touches on the importance of well-being and practicing self-care alongside your typical HR tasks.

Beaven encourages HR to continue developing themselves. She explains the significance of developing the abilities necessary to become a superb HR. Furthermore, she challenges you to reach beyond your comfort zone to help you accomplish more.

6. The Talent Delusion, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

While there is always an urge to use intuition, the book proves otherwise. Chamorro-Premuzic states that science is the best way to unlock potential in humans. He teaches readers how to use data, among others things, to get the best out of a workforce.

Chamorro-Premuzic discusses the secret of maximizing talent. He provides guidance on how to identify, pique, and retain talent inside an organization. Additionally, he provides scientific methods that can aid in improving company outcomes.

7. Agile HR, Natal Dank & Riina Hellström

Dank and Hellström examine the “agile philosophy” in this book. They offer an innovative approach to HR management that is different from the conventional kind. It provides guidance on developing practices that save time but still boost performance.

HR today is often perceived as slow due to the amount of friction and backlog faced in many of their practices. Agile HR challenges readers to redefine HR through the use of fast, flexible, and agile HR processes. Dank and Hellström also educate readers in how to properly identify and prioritize which activities need to be completed, reworked, or abandoned to improve the business.

8. Talent Makers: How the Best Organizations Win Through Structured and Inclusive Hiring, Daniel Chait & Jon Stross

Talent Makers is a book meant to assist HR in assembling a successful team. The authors, who have both had hiring experience, discuss the best way to approach it. Chait and Stross offer a hiring strategies that prioritize excellence and diversity.

They discuss hiring in the best interest of the business, providing an approach that removes bias in the hiring process. They examine talents and the value they bring, and how every business should strive for inclusive hiring to achieve more success.

9. Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High-Performance Workplace, Berta Aldrich

Aldrich discusses the three main obstacles to a business’ success, particularly those when it comes to achieving great performance at work. Aldrich talks about the actions firms must take to revamp their talent strategy.

The different parts of the book analyze barriers to growth in the workplace. They suggest how to build changes that will ensure career growth, and how to create a growth opportunity for all regardless of ethnicity and gender.

10. Rituals for Work, Kursat Oznec

Rituals for Work takes a different approach from other human resource books, emphasizing how crucial it is to foster positive habits among the workforce. Oznec mentions of the value of fostering camaraderie among coworkers. He provides ideas that can help individuals, teams, and organizations through the power of rituals in the workplace.

Oznec dicusses the positive impact of reinforcing good habits among your team. He explores how this can improve not only the success of the business but create a more rewarding experience for the employees as well. Oznec examines case studies that highlight the importance rituals have played in the success of real-world businesses.

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