A Better Alternative to On Demand Interviews

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In a bid to hasten the hiring process, many interview options have been created over the years. One method that has gained popularity are on-demand interviews. Also known as a one-way interview, this form of interview that does not require face-to-face contact. On demand interviews allows the recruiter to ask questions and then invite candidates to respond to—typically in the form of a video recording—on their own time. After, their answers are assessed at a later time by the recruiter.

Limitations of On Demand Interviews

This form of interview does have advantages. The main one being that it allows recruiters to assess many candidates within in short period. Since it’s so efficient, it makes it a go-to choice by many recruiters to use it in the early stage of a hiring process.

However, on demand interview do have limitations as well. A main one is that it makes for a very poor candidate experience due to two main reasons. First, no conversation happens between the recruiter and the candidates. Hence, this form of digital interview feels very unnatural and also lacks the personal connection between the recruiter and candidates. Secondly, candidates are not adequately assessed. This is especially true when it’s the primary or only procedure when hiring.

An Alternative: Video Speed Interviews

A better option to on demand interviews that provide similar benefits and avoid the drawbacks are video speed interviews. Video speed interviews are efficient yet still provide that face-to-face experience. In video speed interviews, numerous are screened by multiple interviewers in the same time frame. Interviews usually last for 10–15 minutes per candidate. The structure of this interview allows all candidates to have the same experience, ensuring a level and fair opportunity for all. So, if you need a fast and effective interview method, this is a great option. It combines the efficiency of on demand interviews with the personal connection found in traditional and video interviews.

Get Started on Video Speed Interviews

To host your own video speed interviews, here is what you’ll need:

  • Prepare a set of questions to ask all candidates to ensure consistency. Carefully choose questions that will reveal the candidate’s character/personality.
  • Find a platform to use. A good platform should be easy for both the recruiter and candidates to use, allow for customization, and have a place to record and keep track of candidate performances. Hellohire provides an ideal platform designed just for speed interviews.
  • Decide on a rating system. Prior to interviewing, you will need to know how you will rank and evaluate each candidate. The rating system will help determine who moves forward and ensure consistency.

Are you ready to elevate your interviewing process with your own speed interviews? Hellohire’s speed interview platform makes it easy and accessible to host speed interviews to quicken your hiring process and find you the best candidates. Sign up for a free trial of Hellohire’s speed interview platform.